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African American History

(1966) Robert F. Kennedy, “Day of Affirmation Address”

Robert F. Kennedy speaking, Willamette Valley, Oregon, May 1968 Photo by R. W. Rynerson, Public domain image On June 7, 1966, New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy became one of the first major American politicians to take a public stand against South African Apartheid when he delivered an address to the National Union of South …

African American History

(1968) Robert F. Kennedy, “On the Death of Martin Luther King Jr.”

Robert F. Kennedy, August 19, 1964 Courtesy U.S. Library of Congress (LC-U9- 5415-30) On April 4, 1968, during an Indianapolis, Indiana rally for his presidential campaign, attended by a large number of African Americans, Robert F. Kennedy, despite suggestions he shouldn’t appear at all, decided to proceed and announce the assassination of Martin Luther King, …